It's a New Year and it's the time to set new, bigger goals and create the plan to achieve them. But how many times have you set the best of intentions and goals, only to find yourself circling back to the past?

It's time to break the cycle.

It's time to stop living from your past.

It's time to step into the full potential of your ability and reap the rewards of prosperity, abundance, joy, and freedom.

In this breakthrough workshop, I'll give you the steps to break through the adversities of the past and create the future you want.

RELEASE: Take charge of your future by Resetting from your past

Most of our lives, we live in the stories of the past. How often have you found yourself saying things like, "I used to be...", "I used to have...", "When I was younger...", "This happened to me...."

Use my framework to release those past adversities and reset to open your full potential.

RESTORE: Maximize Your Full Potential

Most people identify what is possible through comparison with what they have achieved or not achieved in the past. They also identify what is possible by comparing themselves to others. These self-limiting viewpoints hinder their creative abilities. I'll walk you through a simple exercise to restore your native ability to create any results you want in life or business, without looking through the lens of the past.

REFOCUS: Create a New Path

Tap into your innermost desires and identify what you really want, without framing it in the context of what "could be possible". Refocus on your dreams and map out a solid direction to achieving them with renewed confidence, clarity, and intention. Live into your greatest future.

Imagine What Life Will Be Like When Your Time Is Spent Succeeding Instead of Regretting...

Hi, I'm Maxandra.

I'm inspired by your desire for a better life. I'll show you how to get it.

My life has been colorful, to say the least. I've gone from homelessness and taking various temp jobs to survive throughout high school to building a multi-million-dollar mortgage practice by age twenty-one. By 24, I was recognized as the most driven power brokers to emerge out of the South Florida business community.

You might be thinking I had some advantage over you, but I assure you this isn't so. That thought of "oh, but she had..." is one of defeat that I will help you handle in this powerful workshop. The truth is that by age twelve I had experienced the vicious death of my two older brothers as our family business became targeted by local Haitian gangs. I was sent to the US to live with an uncle, only to find out he wasn't interested in having me there. I struggled through feelings of being lost, unwanted, and afraid for my future.

At that age, I realized that worry, stress and contemplating negative outcomes would only limit my ability to live a great life. I developed methods to get what I wanted out of life and was through high school by 16 and on my way up in the world. At a young age, I learned telemarketing skills and that brought me into the mortgage industry. I paved a path for myself, creating a multi-million-dollar brokerage firm at an age most kids are just venturing from home.

I then saw the incredible potential available to myself and others through network marketing. I rose to the top of my company in record-setting time and have been recognized as a top leader in the industry. My success was only through the success I was able to cultivate in others by helping them step beyond their self-limiting beliefs and behaviors and into a new self-image of confidence, creation, and focus.

My greatest joy is in helping others move beyond their addiction to past problems and struggles into the joy of creating a bright, prosperous, and joyful future. As a Speaker, Life Coach, Business Trainer, and Philanthropist, I get to help others in a deep, meaningful way. I've been blessed to speak on stages to thousands of entrepreneurs and to work closely with others as their coach. Through this, I've empowered others to create results they had struggled for years (and even decades) to accomplish.

I'm honored to be able to help you too.

What's Possible For Your Life...

  • Wake up inspired about life.
  • Renewed energy towards your goals and dreams.
  • Restored confidence in your God-given abilities.
  • A zest for life that draws opportunities and clients to you.


And The Prosperity God Means For You To Enjoy


the Maximize Your Life Intensive

LIVE Virtual Event:

January 15, 2022

12pm to 2pm EST

2 Hours Of Live Intensive, Interactive Instruction, Hands-On Assessments and Planning Exercises Giving You Clarity, Focus, and The Plan You need To Make 2022 Exceptional.


  • Two Hour Interactive Group Workshop - $497
  • Action Plan Workbook - $197
  • Bonus Implementation Session - $297
  • Group Support - $97




  • Two Hour Interactive Coaching - $497
  • Action Plan Workbook - $197
  • BONUS: Implementation Session - $297
  • BONUS: Maximize Your Time eBook - $97



  • Direction on what to do to make 2022 your best year ever.
  • The knowledge of how to reset your life from past failures and disappointments.
  • The daily routine that can instantly 10X your energy, motivation, and results.
  • A dynamic workbook of exercises to get clarity and structure.
  • ​Inspirational direction from a master coach and leader.
  • Renewed focus and a plan of action you can follow to see results quickly.
  • A one-on-one follow-up session to help you implement what you have learned.



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Schedule a personal 30 MINUTE implementation strategy call with Maxandra to rapidly apply the plan you create during the workshop. VALUE - $297




Use this step-by-step method to get more done in less time with substantially less stress. You'll be amazed at how effective and efficient you are! VALUE - $97

This is for you if...
  • You want to ditch your worries from the past NOW and have a fast track to success. 
  • You yearn for direction from an expert who can show you what to do (and what not to) to get results.
  • You've tried making improvements before but haven't had the success you want...and you're READY.
But this is not for you if...
  • You thrive on making excuses and aren't willing to give up the story of the past.
  • You want someone to do the work for you, instead of doing it yourself.
  • You don't believe there's a better life ahead for you.


Maximize Your Future Course challenged me to identify areas of my past that needed to be viewed from a different perspective. Learning to find the value in every experience has greatly improved my relationships with clients, friends, and family.

D. Coleman

Domestic Violence Life Coach

Maximize Your Future Course was such an awakening experience for me.

Maxandra facilitated an environment that allowed me to take a deep dive beyond the surface and start the rediscovery of myself.

The workshop tools have continued to help me identify and address many aspects of my life from a much healthier and more positive viewpoint.

Thank you Maxandra!

C. Morand

Graduate Administrator and Health and Wellness Entrepreneur

I am so pleased that I have such a great person to be my personal coach. I know my life and confidence in myself have improved measurably because of the time I have spent with Maxandra Desrosiers. Maxandra listens to what I say and teaches me each week/month on a particular topic. Just recently she pointed out a behavior that showed my growth. I appreciated her expertise in helping me to see that positive change in myself. I recommend Maxandra Desrosiers as a personal coach in many areas of one’s life. You will be happy with your results should you obtain Maxandra’s services as a coach.

Rebecca Ferris

Network Marketing Leader

Maxandra is one of the most valuable mentors I have experienced in my professional career. Under her coaching, I had the highest monthly volume increase of my networking career at that time. I perform best with accountability. Maxandra pours such a high volume of value and passion into everything she does; there was no way I would report empty handed to her on my daily accountability, so I learned and took action. She is wise beyond her years, intentional, and has an intense passion for helping others. I am thankful and grateful to know her and benefit from her shared knowledge. In one-word, only excellence can describe what Maxandra brings to the table.

Ella Jones

Network Marketing Leader

I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU MAX. It has been interesting to see how our journey has moved, shaken and grown over the last several years. When I first met you, I had no idea of how our lives would come together and how thankful I would be, and am, to have you in my life. Your kindness, support, guidance, love and mentorship have helped me get through some less than positive situations. You listened, asked questions, and helped me look deeper into myself than I was able to do on my own, to find the solutions that bests suited me and my personality.

The Faith and passion that you bring with you, wherever you go and in whatever you are doing, are two of your most outstanding qualities. I know a number of people that you have poured into and they agree, that after speaking with you, about anything, they come away feeling better and more peaceful. Your gifts and talents have certainly changed my life for the better and I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Anna Quackenbush

Network Marketing Leader

Max caused my relationship with others to improve dramatically, which empowered me to be among the top leaders in sales marketing, recruiting customer relation, management and team building. Max also impacted my family relationships spiritually, economically mentally and socially. Her daily speeches, personal and group coaching filled with great nuggets and brought amazing transformation in my life that reciprocated to a joyous relationship with my family friends and acquaintances. As a result of working with Max I earned the most money, going from making pennies as a door-to-door salesperson to making six figure income with Max while helping others on my team achieve significant income. I was also able to buy a brand-new Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and have a substantial savings account for the first time for the down payment on my family brand new home.

It has been a very rich experience working with Max. She's truly a leader of leaders helping me to grow my team to heights that I never thought I could achieve. I went from almost giving up being in the top rank in the industry after over 25 years of trying to Max reminding me continually that I could do it and that I had what it takes. She's truly an amazing, excited and enthusiastic coach, leader, consultant who has the ability to transform lives to achieve greatness. Her strong devotion to her Creator and her love for humanity is more than an endorsement. She is the indisputable #1 in the industry in motivating other to achieve their dreams.

Wilfred Pharaoh

Pastor and Network Marketing Leader

I met Maxandra when I was going through a really tough time. My life had been turned upside down. You know when you may feel lost and possibly hopeless? I remember hearing Maxandra speak at a Network Marketing Conference. All I can say is WOW! She is a phenomenal speaker; her words are so inspiring, and she has a great life story about her own struggles starting from a very young age and how she not only rose above but living life passionately and abundantly.

I often reflect back on our conversation that day and use her coaching advise as a foundation for how I live my life now. I went from being broken that day to now because of her encouragement and wisdom fulfilling my own life passions. Maxandra always draws on the power of God, and I love that about her. In my time of confusion or feeling a lack, I often now remember that I am a child of God, and I can do anything with faith. Thank you, Max, for your tough love to tell me like it is so that I could move forward and not use my past as an excuse to not live my greatness.

Kristina Manzanares

Health Practitioner

Janis Esannason

Professor/Network Marketing Leader

Barb Pitcock

Business Owner/CEO


When will the next one be?

This is a time-sensitive event made for the end of the year to help you create your best year starting NOW. I have no plans for a future event.

What if I can't make the date and time?

You will have exclusive access to the recorded session and the ability to schedule your implementation call for one-on-one help. Plus, you'll get all the bonuses.

What type of business is this for?

Yes. Especially if you want to improve your own skill, morale, and focus.

Will this work for coaches? 

This is for any entrepreneur who has struggled with demons from the past, including self-doubt, worry, negative behaviors, challenging habits.

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